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2010-09-27 16:39:31 by bamoh

I have 2 flash projects lined up, Dead World 3 with Qwereeer and a canon game with Evvedevve95. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Not much....

2010-08-10 23:16:56 by bamoh

Just a quick update. Posted a new song today :D Hope you like it. It'll be up on my youtube soon!

Hey, Anyone who reads this should check out my friend Joeys account! He just posted his first song yesterday (waiting to be approved).

In other news, watch this video! That is indeed me rapping!

Umm, hello?

2010-02-22 20:09:24 by bamoh

Well I guess I will start posting here on occasion, talk about things I enjoy on Newgrounds and whatnot. I really have nothing else to talk about. Subscribe to me on youtube maybe>

Umm, hello?